Solar Financing

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Solar Financing

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Going solar requires a major up-front investment but offers incredible long-term savings. At SolarRite, we offer financing programs to make solar energy more affordable for energy-conscious San Juan Capistrano, CA homeowners like you. With our help, you can make the switch to green energy now and start saving thousands on electricity costs.

Ease the Burden

It’s a fact: Solar panels are expensive. And while they certainly are a big investment, they’re also well worth it. With solar, you get more than just the satisfaction of reducing your carbon footprint; you’ll also see immediate and dramatic decreases in your energy bills.

At SolarRite, we’re committed to removing the cost-related barriers to going solar and helping more homeowners experience the environmental benefits and cost savings of solar energy. So don’t let the expense of solar panels stop you from joining the green revolution. Call our team today to learn more about our solar financing programs.

Current Monthly Bill Systems size number of PV Modules  tax credit   Net out of pocket cost  Break- Even Down payment New Monthly  Bill (IRR)
$150 4.7kW 17


$13,300 6.6 years No Down-payment $127 15%
$200 5.6kW 20


$15,700 6.1 years No Down-payment $148 18%
$250 6.7kW 24


$18,800 5.8 years No Down-payment $177 19%
$300 7.56kW 27


$21,200 5.4 years No Down-payment $198 20%
$350 8.68Kw 31


$24,300 5.3 years No Down-payment $213 20%
$400 9.52kW 34


$26,600 5.1 years No Down-payment $215 21%


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